The Unique Journey to 5G Commercial Success

21st April 2020

Grand Opening

  • Opening of the exhibition
  • Networking while enjoying some food and drinks


21st April 2020:
Grand Opening 18:00–20:00 h

22nd April 2020

Setting the Compass: Business & Strategy

  • Business perspective, market demand, economics, sustainable growth
  • New services  and business models
  • Use cases and ecosystems for use-case development
  • Opportunities and challenges

Removing Roadblocks to Enable Safe and Successful Travel

  • Technology and standards
  • Low-latency architecture
  • Dynamic (real-time) end-to-end service orchestration and coordination
  • End-to-end security and privacy
  • Spectrum and coverage requirements
  • Support for mMTC capabilities and new IoT devices at low cost


22nd April 2020:
Conference 09:00–19:00 h
Exhibition 08:00–22:00 h
Evening Event 19:00–22:00 h

23rd April 2020

Take-off to Open Skies and Clouds

  • 5G network cloudification – from virtualization to cloud native
  • Mobile edge computing strategies
  • Network infrastructure disaggregation, network sharing
  • Network intelligence and automation

There’s More on the Horizon: Technological Advances

  • Use cases for indoor coverage
  • Reduction of susceptibility
  • Quantifying the behaviour of NFV ecosystems throughout the VNF service lifecycle
  • Cross-domain testing in Open-RAN and intelligent fronthaul
  • 360° customer experience for device and network performance testing
  • Holistic 5G security: ML/AI based security automation and 5G test bed experiences

The Fuel for the Engine: To New Heights Through Innovation

  • Redefine the way we live, work, travel and play
  • Innovative applications
  • Showcase presentations by leading edge entrepreneurs

Taking the Right Intersection to Serve Vertical Industries

  • Beyond connectivity: success stories of industrial cooperation
  • Enabling digital transformation
  • The primary differentiators and fully integrated solution providers
  • Leverage public networks for enterprises

Roadmap to the Future: NGMN 5G White Paper 2.0

  • Updated 5G Vision for 2025 timeframe
  • Use cases for vertical industries – revisited
  • Emerging technology enablers
  • Future ecosystems
  • Key success factors